Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday after school I took the boys to the mall to trick-or-treat. If you haven't done that yet I highly recommend it. It was great fun! Not to mention that you don't have to worry about the weather. The boys got lots of candies, stickers, and temporary tattoos (My boys are so into that right now). And I got a few goodies too, coupons, free samples, and believe it or not a few $5.00 gift cards! I am definitely taking them to the mall next year again. 

Oh November... It happens to be one of my favorite months followed by December as my second favorite. I absolutely love everything that November means!!! I am a big fan of trying out new recipes so Thanksgiving is definitely a day for me to show off. And all the decorations in those wonderful fall colors! I am also a big fan of crafts. So this year I am planing to make place mats using leaves that we collected from our yard and self laminating sheets. Followed by many other crafts so keep checking my blog to see what crafts I will share with you as well as a few saving secrets that come along which I will also share. 

Thanks again for reading and Happy November!!!!


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