Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Talk about Thanksgiving...

This morning when I woke up it hit me, Thanksgiving is next week!!!! I haven't even started decorating let alone planning the menu.

I always host Thanksgiving at my house and this year I'm so excited because we are in our new place! I absolutely love this special holiday, not just because of the food (although it is amazing) but because I get to spend a fun day with my family. I am thinking of using candles this year for the dinner table. I'm thinking of a votive in glass holder wrapped in corn husks. It looks very nice and it's quick and inexpensive.

As you can see I've done these before but for a fall wedding as favors.
I'm thinking of using this idea and adding to it for the centerpiece. Getting a hurricane vase butting one of those thick pillar candles inside and instead of wrapping that in husks, maybe gluing Indian Corn around it and tying with a burlap string. I'll post a picture when I finish it.

I don't have the menu but usually I do turkey, a few veggie dishes and a dessert. Do you have any ideas you can share with me for the menu? I love to try new things!! How about for decorations?

Thanks for reading and sharing with me on how you decorate and celebrate Thanksgiving Day. :)

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  1. I'm 'easing' myself into Thanksgiving this year too! Visiting from the Thankful series blog hop.